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I think I've figured out part of the communication connundrum. When you write about (for example) the rules. I sense that you are addressing only your part-which is resulting in the board assuming thats all you are considering. Then you are upset over the attitude.

Your 'hardlines' sound VERY similar to galagirls. Would you humor me and read them? Tell me if I am right? She has a thread about it in the lifestyles and blogs section.

I think the confusion is in your not specifying what the othersides rights/responsibilities are in terms of identifying if you and the imaginary they can agree. I gather that you are trying to write from the 'i can only speak for me' perspective-which isnt a bad thing, but having not specifically said thats what u r doing it appears that u r disregarding the opinions and rights of the imaginary other parties.

Does that make sense at all?
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