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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I was not scolding you, and nobody actually "did anything to you in here," but you can choose to see yourself as a victim if you want. No, I was simply telling you that you have wasted most of the thread telling people they shouldn't have posted as they did, when it isn't up to you, and thereby have missed important things they wrote. Furthermore, I have no need to "have a better idea" of what you're about "in time." You don't interest me that much. No, I am not treating you as "second class." This is merely an "as you reap so shall ye sow" sort of thing which you began. You get back as good as you give. To me, you're just a faceless, anonymous poster on a message board, possibly a troll, with nothing much to offer, and with whom I shall no longer interact.

*updates Ignore List*
Okay, now I'm really done.
I didn't expect more from you.
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