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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
So each of your rules are hard-line non-negotiables for you? In order to enter into this, you will have to agree to them and comply? The only time anyone has the right to talk about their wishes is after a certain amount of time has passed, and you trust them enough?

How many of these rules are there? If there are more than a few, I think that you are going to narrow down the list of people that are willing to enter into this even more. Also, I think that the folks that you get that *are* going to agree with it are going to be problematic for you, as I mentioned earlier.
Yeah I agree with you. Talking about this has really shed some light on everything. For one thing, it almost seems like the people I want to come into my circle aren't to be Poly minded people. If they were they wouldn't want what I'm setting up. So that's a little bit of a reality check right there. And so those who would be excited to join up with me and my girls, would eventually be the types who would grow to be problems with the situation. I see that better now than before that is for sure.

As far as each of my rules being hard line non-negotiables, no not really. But I mean no cheating would be one... only respectful permission based sharing. I'm not going to set up a Hostel where I support women to be free to enjoy their life with no regard to me. It's supposed to be people who agree to be with me as my girlfriends or more. So calling that hard lined non-negotiables seems like you are putting a stigma on that. I think that's very sensible. I know my limits and it will be spelled out so that they know what they are getting into. If they want to join up with me, than they know what my preferences are going in. If they break the rules, it isn't "get on the highway", every situation will be approached with compassion and understanding and patience and caring if not love. We can talk about why they broke my groundrules, and what they can do in the future to better respect them. From there you get a about three strikes I'd say, within reason, because as they say: The first time is an accident, the second time is a coincidence, and the third time is a pattern.
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