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Happy poly moments.
Yesterday, busy day. While GG was entertaining the kids Maca and I ran off and made love. Then he took a nap. GG and I cuddled and kissed and shared a relaxed, deeply connected loving hour.

It was hectic, getting ready for fil to arrive (exciting for all of us, we all adore him). Maca woke up and took the kids for a short 4 wheeler ride. GG and made love.

Exciting and delightful to have time with both in one crazy day!

Then I showered and later in the evening Maca and I drove to the airport and got dad.

This morning Maca texted me a copy of an invite to meet another poly lady in our area. He had replied that he'd be interested in meeting after he returns from hunting camp, for coffee, if she's willing to meet with both of us.

I thanked him for keeping me posted. (thats been an issue in the past)
Then I giggled. Because, he'd been fighting against dealing with the conflictual issues with the last lady (for months). He was afraid of ruining his 'last opportunity'. He finally dealt with that, which definitely helped he and I, seems to have also improved the situation with them (unsure still where that will lead) AND someone else is interested.
It really pays to be right with your world. i know its nerve racking when you don't know how things will work out, but its really important to be right with your world. Things flow so much more smoothly!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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