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When you go on the internet, evan, and ask questions from strangers on a message board, you don't get to scold them for not answering the way you think they should, nor to tell them how to answer. We operate by the rules of the board, not you, and only a moderator can tell us how to answer in ways that comply. So, if someone is getting a rise out of you, it's on you. You don't have to belittle us and say we are not acting in the true spirit of poly. Methinks you know jack shit about effective communication. We could help you if you weren't so combative and arrogant in your responses and being such a drag with your big "No" to everyone. Ick. I am not offended by your words because I don't give that kind of power to strangers on a message board, but I see that you like to instigate and try to offend people, for some reason.

This is useless, and I know you will likely not be coming back here six months from now, nor contributing in any helpful way to anyone else's threads. You just want to get agreement and only the kind of feedback you want to get, to handle your "huge" (in actuality, common as mud) problem. Eccch, you're selfish.

I'm done with you.
The world opens up... when you do.

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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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