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Default Everyday Goings-On

Last Thursday, I got to spend my first overnight with Moonlight at her house. It was absolutely the bomb diggity to be able to love her and be satisfied and sated and not have to drive home at 1 AM! I still had to get up at 5 AM so I could be home in time to get ready for work, but it was really beautiful to wake up next to her for and to receive sleepy morning cuddles and kisses before I left. She had bought me a little gift at a craft fair when she was out of town last weekend, and it made me all gooey and swoony that she thought of me. Every time I get to be with her, I slide that much deeper into the love quicksand.

I'm worried, however, that I'm getting to be stretched too thin, time wise. The summer has been nice, because Kiddo's mom has taken him for a week several times over the last couple months, but school starts tomorrow and it's back to our regular routines. I take a lot of responsibility for the running of the household and the childcare, not because I'm the chick but more because I'm good at it, and caring for my home and family satisfies some weird Suzie Homemaker impulse that I try to deny so I won't have to turn in my feminist card.

Additionally, my work continues to be stressful, and Fly's new position/promotion has taken a toll on our home life. He swears it's just until he gets the department back in shape and running well, but I'm skeptical. On top of all that, in 3 weeks Fly, Kiddo, and I will be spending 34 days on a trip to South America. I'm so incredibly excited, but there's so much to DO before we go, and I'm also trying to squeeze in as many babysitting gigs as I can so that I'll actually have money to spend on our trip.

Moonlight has expressed envy of the sheer amount of time Fly gets to spend with me, simply because we live together. I know in the weeks ahead that I have to be conscientious about making her a priority, especially since Fly and I will get to be together a lot (maybe a little too much! ) on our vacation. I'm feeling a lot of pressure on all sides, and it's freaking me out a little. Do you remember the scene in the movie Cinderella where the step-sisters are pulling at her dress and hair and tearing her to shreds? That's kind of where I'm at - Fly, Moonlight, Kiddo, work, my family, the house...they're all pulling at me and leaving me ragged.

I know all this is a result of the incredible bounty of blessings - love, opportunities, friendships, material things - that I have in my life, but it's nonetheless stressing me out, and vacation can't come too quickly!

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