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weeeellll.... it looks like he broke up with her... for real this time.
He suspected her of being secretive about something again... it made him restless... he thought long and hard... and told her he can't go on like this.

he's sad and hurting, and I hate to see that, but I do think that in the end its all for the best.

He told me he was going back and forth all the time for the past couple of weeks, sometimes thinking 'I can do this, we share something good, I can get past the crazyness and lies'... and then thinking, 'no I can't do this, I don't really respect and trust her'.

He never really told me about this dilemma, and looking back, I think that part of my big Issues with her was what I did tap in to these insecurities of his - even when he was telling me things were fine between them.

we'll see...
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