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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
That is also what women do. I read the "I can't find any good men" daily on OKC. Ranting only at men when it applies to everybody seems to be aiming at only half the target.
You are correct. As I noted in my post-that is one of the issues that it caused me-is seeing the.... shallowness in men, even when it's not ALL men or even ONLY men.
But I wasn't making money off women.

At anyrate-yes you are correct and no it doesn't help in the sense of fixing things-it does sometimes help to get things off your chest and be reminded that your feelings/impressions are only a small part of the whole.

For me-I just don't get the "on the make" concept at all.
Until our talk (Maca and me) I didn't think much on it-but every dating RELATIONSHIP I've ever had-we started as friends first. Every single one. Because if they can't be my friend, and they can't accept my REAL life-they don't deserve to be my boyfriend or girlfriend...

maca was talking about taking a woman out on dates and "impressing her" and I was rolling my eyes because to me that is STUPID. Not even silly-flat fucking STUPID.

If the person doesn't have an interest in getting to know you in your REAL life-without you trying to be anything different why on God's Green Earth would you bother??????
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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