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Backstory time I think...

My personal history doesn't involve many serious relationships, but does include a reasonable range of experiences that some 'normal' people (do they even exist?) might find a little unusual Sometimes I think of myself as lacking in experience, and sometimes I reconsider that position... I guess I should share and then people can make up their own minds!

I was a late bloomer - didn't really hit anything resembling puberty till I was about 15, never really had massive crushes on celebrities or boys at school like all my friends. I kind of went along with who they liked but I do remember wondering if I was ever going to feel anything like they did, and whether anyone would ever find me attractive! (Eventually I did have a substantial unrequited crush on a guy who I did gymnastics with. We were very good friends but nothing more ever happened - not that I did anything to make it happen, I just pined. We haven't stayed in touch but I think he turned out to be gay!)

At 17 I was dressed up and taken out to a goth club by a friend, and discovered that I had good legs and cleavage and that suddenly all the boys were interested in me The next 18 months or so involved kissing lots of boys, occasionally going a bit further with some of them but nothing too dramatic (although I pushed my own boundaries a bit sometimes when drunk). I also kissed a number of girls during this time, all friends of mine - it was your standard teenage experimentation period.

Two major things happened during this timeframe; 1) I had a threesome with a close friend and her boyfriend (where I was only involved in the foreplay but they had sex), and 2) I slept with a girl.

She was someone my best friend & I had met online, on a message board, and she came on holiday from the US to the UK and went round the country visiting various friends, including us. Subtle flirting ensued, followed by a kiss prompted by a silly game we were playing where this guy in a club claimed he could set us up with anyone we wanted and she pointed at me. We were both staying in the spare room at my best friend's house, sleeping in the same bed, and one thing led to another! Neither of us had ever been with a girl before, but she very much took the lead - I was much more passive, although certainly not resistant

So there I was, happily experimenting but never achieving anything resembling an actual relationship. I had a bit of a thing for my best friend's boyfriend at one point, which she knew about (we both liked him, he chose her), and a couple of guys asked me out but they weren't people I wanted. Two of them then 'stalked' me a little bit (not actually scary stalking, just kind of obsessive moping - I felt bad but couldn't change how I felt!). I was still pretty naive and unsure of myself, in spite of having a few less mainstream experiences under my belt.

Then I started university and met Hunter.
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