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And anybody who can help dispel some of that loneliness for a bit is doing a good thing. Somebody can be at home by themselves or go someplace for a bit of human presence; I can attest the latter is sometimes a godsend. There were times that I could order a pizza to eat at home or go eat pizza at a restaurant and get a bit of interaction with other people--and the restaurant won. No Hooters (nor even a strip club) in my hometown, and becoming a regular at a restaurant was one way to enjoy some regular interaction.
I suppose so, but I guess I don't really see it as dispelling the loneliness. Not in the way more authentic connections could. I mean there's something to just getting out and being in the presence of people, but I don't see paying for some attention as really dispelling the isolation. It's more of a holiday or a window of what it looks like to not be isolated, but doesn't do much to bring someone out of that isolation.
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