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This is my final limit, absolutely.

Normally I would not have been this accommodating - by now I would have had a screaming/swearing fit, punched someone in the head and walked. Poly is a very new world for me, in so many ways.

I was not trying to be wishy washy, if anything it was my rather backwards way of learning how truly differently some people work. No, there is no excuse for bad behaviour....and my partners have been abundant in that. But I have not always been a peach in my past either.

I am being understanding this last time, because I get some of their actions/acting out. It takes a lot of al anon meetings, yoga and constant inward searching and self evaluation for me to continue on my path, to have even gotten to a path actually.

My female partner said I need this structure and support, my male partner is working on being more intimate and communicative. I have done what I can, and hope they do the same. If not, then I move on.
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