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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Amused. Your DH has the hire/fire. Consider her more like a new employee that was hired and you have to give the tour/ do some training in YOUR campus. And YOU are a new employee that has to take the tour and do some training at HER campus. It goes both ways.

Again, we teach others how to treat us.

That's what you are doing with her. The show and tell on that and calibrating how you are going to be in metamour-ship with each other. DH might wish for the metas to get along ok, but he cannot dictate that. It's on YOU guys to actually sort that tier out among yourselves. Time and place for everything. Everything in its time and place.

Heh. I suppose I was looking at it from the sense that in future we're going to try to give each other approval before really starting off down a proper road with a potential new partner.

Thanks again for the advice. Guess I'll just see how it turns out!
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