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Nice reminder that talking to my partners works a whole lot better than a computer screen.

Poor M was convinced i was p!ssed with him [he got drunk last night, and spent most of today completely hungover - and he and a friend had left for a few hours right while we were cleaning the he'd left 5minutes after i'd asked him to clean the dishes]. but eh. didn't phase me too much.

He was lovely when he found out what was bothering me.
since it also includes the fact that i've currently got no libido thanks to the meds i'm taking. I feel bad for the poor guy - because it means both of his girls have little to no libido, but he says he's ok.

I'm just frustrated because i've always had quite a good libido. and that coupled with the fact that i felt like i failed him, and i was a bit of an anxious mess today.
But lots of cuddles later and i'm feeling a bit better.

And tomorrow we head for H's mum for a few nights, which should be lovely.
hoping she takes the girls tomorrow evening so we can go out for dinner since it's M's birthday <3
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