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I'm struggling a little bit with a request M made of me recently.
pretty much his only request for me, was that i try and 'play nice' with his mother and sister. And i really want to.
His sister and i have always gotten on ok. I mean, she thinks i'm boring (lol, see my previous post - i'm certainly not denying it), but she was told about the poly-lifestyle last week and when she visited today i just feel like she really glazed past me.

And while his mother doesn't know i'm part of the relationship now, she was her usual self. not entirely rude, but certainly not hospitable.
Which is sad. I tried to be nice - i offered them both a drink and tried to engage in conversation with them.

But once H and M were there with the kids, they both focused on the kids and the happy couple, and gave very strong 'its family time *cough cough*' vibes. So i left and cleaned the back of the house.
And now i feel like i've somehow failed M by not playing nice. i just, i don't really know how.

I have to admit, H pointing out to me that his mums going to become my MIL really worries me. She's been convinced since H and i became friends, that i'm going to drive a wedge between the two of them [because i'm a lesbian and in love with H... apparently]. and she blamed me in the past when they broke up.

And its just, uncomfortable.

I'm feeling a bit like a failure today. and i don't want to bother them with my emotional meltdown.
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