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Originally Posted by damncatfish View Post
And while I understand that some women can keep their head on their shoulders while working in the sex industry, on the whole, I think it's a very damaging profession on many levels.. for the patrons as well as the strippers. IMHO.
I think you are ABSOLUTELY dead on with that one.
There are a few-and I'm proud (AND VERY THANKFUL) that I was one-who can keep their heads on straight.
But it is damaging to both sides in many ways.

One thing for me that was negative was that I found a disdain for men. I THANK GOD had men like GG in my life who I could look at and SEE were not like "those" men. But it was a battle I waged every day-wondering if a man saw ME or if he only saw my body.
In fact-on the body note I was talking to Maca about that last night. That one of the ANNOYING things men do (imho) is that they "try to find a woman to date". WTF? How can you find someone who is good to date? By LOOKING?

You MIGHT find someone who LOOKS nice, but you know NOTHING about them unless you take the time to try to BEFRIEND them without using your cock to consider them.

I get SO disgusted with men (still) sometimes. Even Maca, tells me he is interested in finding a girlfriend, I tell him "so be friendly-get to know PEOPLE". Not just ATTRACTIVE WOMEN-PEOPLE. Because you never know-that GUY you meet and befriend might know the PERFECT woman for you-but you are so damn busy checking out the hot chick who wants to use you for your wallet that you never get that opportunity.

That industry really promotes the idea that if you just put in enough timeand money-you can have everything you think you want in the body of a succubus. But time and money haven't a damn thing to do with getting a woman who wants to STICK AROUND.
If you want a woman to stick around-you have to be willing to get vulnerable and show her YOU with all your weaknesses, so she can feel comfortable showing you hers. THEN you find you can trust one another as friends and somewhere along the line-you realize that you care and love one another and WOW-then you fall in love.
AND THEN you have the friendship and mutual understanding that will help guide you through MAINTAINING a long-term relationship.

Stripping really taught me how shallow people are and how everyone (the girls and the guys) were all about "but I want it RIGHT NOW".

I did it because it allowed me every minute of the day to spend with my young daughter (single mom) and 4 nights a week too. She spent weekends with grandparents, and she had me M-T for the nighttimes as well as every single daytime M-F and any weekend day I needed for any reason. If it weren't for that I can't fathom I would have ended up taking the job-but at the same time, it did a lot for helping me grow and understand where people screw up in their relationships.

Sorry... rant.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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