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Hello, my wife and I are very new to this. We live between Spartanburg SC and Hendersonville NC. (Out in the country) We have been married 4.5 years, I am 29, she is 27, and in the last 4 months we have decided we want to do this. In fact, she already has a boyfriend - he has been a friend for a while and things just kind of worked out for them. So the place where we are is that we would like to find a girl for me, and maybe her sometimes. Not just a physical thing, but someone we can become close friends with, likely morseso with me, as my wife has a great relationship with her guy. I know for myself, im just eager to start talking more with people open to this lifestyle, as most of our friends and family are very against it all.

So that's about it we are new at it, and eager to see where it goes!
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