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Default balance of power in a poly relationships

What about the balance of power in a poly relationship?

In my relationship I am the center of the "V" (with and arm to my tersiary). I have a friend who has two boyfriends and she is in a situation where she is in more a "pong" game. Shuffled back and forth... still again we know a poly family whereby the Wife is the power player and her husband and his girlfriend are not. There is one woman we know that has several live in boyfriends with their wives even and her own husband, AND their kids and her kids....! She runs the show! Hands down.... she decides who is a good fit for their family, and who isn't... even the connections her boyfriends and husbands have with others. They are all okay with it as is she....Very interesting

I hate to say "power" because it is not what I mean, it's for want of a better word... anyone have a better one?

I find it fascinating that these things evolve and take on a evolution all themselves.... my friend says I am the hinge in my relationships because I have the pussy.... hahaha! that isn't true for every poly set up...

Do you think there is a balance of power in your relationship? and if so, who holds it and what does it mean to you?
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