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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I'm sorry, I just have to chime in at this point after biting my tongue for several posts and letting others do the talking.
It's ok. I knew someone would be too sensitive and be offended by my post. But that's not how I meant it. So we'll just have to rack it up to you having a different understanding about my words than I do. I'm sure everyone's not interested in us spending their evening trying to get you to be compassionate with me and understand where I'm really coming from. I see you are reactionary, that you think this is an alpha male thing (which it's not), have a problem with that, and want to express your disdain. Let's move on.

If you need to hear life experiences which prove to you that I am a good person and not what you hate, I can give them to you, you just need to let me know what you need to hear and I've got plenty of examples that you will like. But do it privately or in another thread. This thread is supposed to be helpful not just to me, but it could be for others, and you are not respecting that.

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