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Originally Posted by evanevans View Post
Hahahaha why? lol
I'm sorry, I just have to chime in at this point after biting my tongue for several posts and letting others do the talking.


I take it that you actually can't see how patronizing and egotistical the post the NYCindie was responding to sounded...

Originally Posted by evanevans
It would be rare that they find someone as mature as myself...
I don't know that I would define someone as "mature" who seems to have the attitude that women are somehow like pets - feed them, pet them, take care of their material needs, and they will love you for it...and give you sex and threesomes. (The "pet"analogy breaks down at this point - please don't have sex with your pets!)

Originally Posted by evanevans
...where I am the one as the most mature pillar of strength in the house, than I cannot have my place as that support system threatened..
This seems reminiscent of a recent poster that seemed to think that all women just want to be "subs" to their dominant male ego. So, what you are saying that it is okay for some other male to assume "alpha" status as long as they are...
Originally Posted by evanevans
a real poly guru
If a "real poly guru" shows up then you are toast dude. Speaking for myself, I am almost hopeful that this happens...I would like to see the implosion of your psyche - I'm halfway tempted to fly down and try it for myself - 'cept I'm a girl. (True admission - this bi-girl LOVES the straight ladies... to be fair, they like me too...all the lovin' minus that male ego bullshit...)

Originally Posted by evanevans
I have been with enough women to know how important it is to keep them in the zone.
I don't know the women that you have been with or what this mysterious "zone" is that you feel the need to keep them in. Do you stun darts for this stunt?

Originally Posted by evanevans
I'm very good at providing that for them. That is one of the attractions women have with me.
Again, I don't know the women you have been with - and, if this is the impression that you have been left with, then I don't think that I want to. For myself, I am perfecting capable of providing for myself (and my two boys as the case may be)*- there are so many more important factors that might attract me to a man (or woman). "Providing for" me is so low on my list of priorities that it has never even registered...why would I need someone else for that?


PS. To those who object to me referring to MrS and Dude as "my two boys" - yes, I recognize the irony of using that phrase when people jump on guys, such as the OP, that use similar phrasing to refer to "their women". I contemplated changing my terminology to avoid ringing that bell...and decided against it. #1. They refer to themselves that way and it is a common meme in our relationship (for various amusing reasons). #2. I think it is useful for ganders such as the OP to see how it feels on the other foot (although, to be perfectly fair, they rarely see it....because of #3. There is not the long history of oppression that makes the OP's viewpoint so "natural" in the eyes of many mainstream persons - referring to "my boys" seems lighthearted and fun compared to the "ownership" model many men subscribe to in relation to "their women". (I'll stop now - as this post is too long already, and I have an essay's worth of ideas on this subject.)
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