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Yes-and somewhere in the last 3 years there is a thread on here all about it-though not my personal experience. There's a lot of useful info in that thread-but I'm not sure what it was called.

At any rate, yes, the last interest my DH had, was almost 15 years my junior and whilst I could say we had comparable looks if you take MY PIC from 15 years ago and compare it to her today, there's no doubt that she currently meets the "typical" definition of hot and I meet the "typical" definition of middle aged.

My emotions went up in arms and there were quite a few questioning myself moments-including wearing long sleeve shirts for months-because I was so self-conscious about my arms.

I forced myself to re-read a some posts by RP about the beauty of an older woman and the experience they come with until I started to get past the dread.

The bottomline is that comparisons suck. No two ways about it. Even if you are on the "top" of one comparison-they suck.
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