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Default More attractive

Bah! I've just had a big emotional chat message off with my partner out of nowhere, all becuase of attractiveness.

We were talking about a week ago about people we've found attractive and he started talking about women that are in a different league to others, women who pretty much all would consider truly beautiful. He listed a few people with which I agreed. Then he mentioned a girl he's in love with and has been for some time now, a girl that for several reason's I can't help but have a little bit of a inferiority complex about (see thread I started in May).

I've come a long way with dealing with those issues but after having her categorised as more attractive than me I've blown a fuse. It's ridiculous.

I know that he loves me and it is me that he is currently prioritising as a relationship but my stupid ego is rearing it's ugly head and getting me all flustered and levels of attractiveness!

Has anyone else had unpleasant feelings because a partner's love/metamour is considered more attractive? How do you deal with those sorts of feelings?

Also, to clarify, I know that he does find me very attractive, so it's not that I'm worried that I'm not attractive enough for him. To be honest, I'm not even sure exactly Why I am worried, I just know that this unsettled me.
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