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Thanks for giving us more detail as to your story...

So it sounds like you goal is to set up a relationship with multiple women where you are the undisputed alpha male, and any other guy who is involved has to be inferior. You will look after "your girls" and allow them to not have to worry themselves about working for a living or even finding another man, because you will take care of their every need. If they choose to have sex with another man then that's ok, but if the involvement ever gets more committed, you have developed and "exit strategy" where she is essentially out of the relationship.

So, let's assume that you are living with two of "your girls" and you meet someone that you feel would fit well into the live-in family. Is this just the job of the alpha male (you) to decide, or do the other girls involve have some decision-making power?

Will you be fluid-bonded with your girls (i.e. no condoms)? Will you need to have any sort of say about other men who they choose to have sex with? Will you have rules about condom usage with them and other men?

Presumably the property that you would live in would be owned solely by you, yes?

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