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Right, I said I wanted to start a blog, so here I go!

I suppose I should introduce the main players first, and give then all names...

Me - Female, 30, bisexual/bicurious/heteroflexible..? (I am consistently unsure of where I think I fit on that particular sliding scale - if pushed I tend to say I'm on the bi end of straight, or the straight end of bi, depending on how I'm feeling at the time)

Hunter - My husband. Male, 37, solidly bisexual.

Stargazer - My boyfriend. Male, 31, straight.

Pixie - My husband's girlfriend/my metamour. Female, 24, possibly bicurious.

(wow it took me a long time to come up with names I felt happy with!)


I think I'll go through my history a bit in the next few posts, but I feel like sharing right off the bat that I just had a very lovely weekend

Friday night I went to the cinema with Stargazer, and then we had an overnight together (Hunter was with Pixie). No lie-in though, as he had to work Saturday morning and I had to be up early to go & collect H&P from Pixie's house so the three of us could head our to the local wildlife centre. Hunter bought Pixie a falconry experience for Christmas and she had finally managed to book it. We watched and took photos, and then mooched around the rest of the centre and had lunch.

Saturday night Hunter was at a stag do, and Pixie & I went to the bride-to-be's house to keep her company and help design her wedding dress - which I have now agreed to make for her! The wedding isn't till next spring (no, I don't know why the stag do was so early).

On Sunday Hunter & I spent a lovely lazy morning in bed together and a lazy afternoon on the sofa together, then we collected Pixie and headed over to Stargazer's house for a movie night. All in all a pretty fab three days
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