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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
I wrote a piece for his blog that basically hit a couple points mentioned in this thread.
Excellent blog piece.

I liked the "more children" analogy better than more friends because we both have 3 children each and one between us, so I will try and communicate that to her one of these upcoming days and see if that calms her nerves a little.

And the other one was about how a poly person isn't going to fall in love with another person and out of love with you as a combined thing. A poly person is interested in loving both. This one is so hard to explain. But last night when I was talking with her I think I touched on this vein and was reassuring.

She was going in the line of "Am I not good enough to make you happy?". And I was able to tell her, "You are perfect. You make me 100% happy with you. You are wonderful. And you are enough to make me happy with you." Always adding "with you". And then something to the effect of "but you are not two people." I said "You don't have four boobies" (we use the word boobies because she's still learning English and this is what she calls her breasts. If I were to say breasts she might think of Chicken breasts. lol).

And it was like all the crying stopped, and she hugged me. I think putting it like that really helped. "You are enough for me to love you." "You make me 100% happy with you." "I appreciate everything you do so much that I love you completely." (completely meaning enough for you and us). "And I also would like to be more affectionate than we have together. Not less. More."
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