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I did it for 4 years.
I had a blast.

Like Legion said-it's best if you don't go up "trying to be sexy".
I learned that one accidentally on night one. I was scared to death and asked another girl for advice-she said, "pick a song you REALLY love that just takes you away and go with the song-the rest will follow."
I took her advice and never regretted it.

They had a rule-two song limit unless tips warranted more (because the dj got paid off the dancers tipping them). I always got three songs and on slow nights they'd let me stay up till I absolutely HAD to sit down for a few.

But I didn't get into the "nasty" crap some girls did to make money (opening themselves up THERE, fingering themselves, licking themselves etc).

I focused on strengthening my body while simultaneously enjoying the music-I banked. I only did "table dances" for select people. I was ANAL RETENTIVE that NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE touched me for any reason.

I left two guys unconscious on the floor when they doubted me and tried. For some reasons the dumbasses would wait till you turned your back-with no conscious thought that the back of the stage was a damn mirror. They reached out to grab and I kicked back with one 4 inch heel and left 'em laid out unconscious on the floor. Never did negatively impact my money.

I also was anal retentive about cleanliness which drove some of the other girls nuts. I insisted on cleaning the whole stage, mirror and poles with bleach before I went on stage EVERY single time. They thought it was a waste of time, I didn't care.

I was a "pole monkey" doing handstands and swings and upside down tricks on the pole. Got my arms in kick ass shape (at the time).

No desire to go back to the clubs, but I'd love to have a pole in my house!
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