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Well i went to our local poly meet last week. Which was amazing. Really fun.
I told mum yesterday on the phone about it and she freaked out a bit. me being poly doesn't phase her - but me attending a group that some men might be using to cheat on their wives? horrifying. [rolling my eyes purely because i was there to meet people in similar situations - not to pick up]. although ironically there was a swingers event on straight after ours - definitely not my cup of tea.
but still interesting to meet people into that lifestyle too - i feel a bit sheltered.

Although i have a completely non-poly related vent.
I am a boring person. that's just who i am.
I study midwifery. i spend my non-midwifery time raising 3 small children. Most of my friends are parents.
Children make up a MASSIVE part of my life.

I really truly wish that my friends who don't have children would stop telling me i'm boring. or just accept that i'm boring and not tell me off for talking about midwifery topcis or parenting. Especially when i'm meeting new people, cause they ask me what i do (midwifery) or what i do at home (parent).
That's all there is to me.

and yes occasionally there are other topics i can mention, but i rarely come up with the topic conversations then.
Grumble, grumble.

I adore my triad though. <3 they're both beautiful and we're so happy and they make me forget my other friends exist in their sillyness :P
Our FMFTriad + 3 children + 2 pets = one crazy household
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