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nycindie, fuchka, Cleo thank you all for your comments! I do feel that I am reaching more clarity all the time in terms of how I think about autonomy, and how I feel I want to live. I was going to phrase that "how I want to arrange my relationships", but really, there is no reason to do so because the thing that I find strange is precisely that - that people make decisions in life, i.e. live their lives, so differently depending on whether they are in "a couple" or not.


Some more practical stuff for a change. I've been working my ass off at work, volunteering, and organisign stuff for moving, but finally it's done! I am living in Dream City with Alec! We have temporary accommodation in well sized room for a couple of weeks, and got our things set up yesterday so that it is beginning to feel more like home and less like staying in a hotel. I do have a lot of things to do here as well (e.g. finding a permanent apartment, a job, etc.) but I feel tons less stressed and much has been accomplished already.

I haven't seen either of my parthers much in the last few weeks. Alec was working days and I was working weekends. Also, skypeing with Mya has been less regular thatn usually with both of us having busy schedules (as she mentioned). Yet I feel very close to both of them (even though sometimes I can feel disconnected in this kind of situations).

I went to the city centre yesterday with Alec. It is so great to be living here with him, I am really happy! And today I have a date night with Mya. She'll buy me dinner and I'll stay the night at her place. It is something super cool to be able to meet like this! My life is awesome.
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