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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
With respect you are not the first person who is relatively new to poly that has voiced the opinion that it is somehow more "evolved" than monogamy. I would gently caution you that this can come across as very disrespectful towards monogamy, which works exceedingly well for a large group of people - telling them that their chosen relationship style is "less evolved" can feel pretty condescending.
I 100% agree with you. I wasn't saying that I believe poly is more evolved than mono, just that by the rationale I gave I can see how others could conclude that, I agree with them for their reasoning, and I get why they think that, but I cannot as I stated say whether or not poly is more or less evolved than mono, because as I mentioned for all we know going around and banging every chick around might be closer to how primitive man was than how we are now.
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