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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Bolding mine. I don't know if you realise what you're doing, but you use "girls" to describe the people you want to be intimate with throughout this thread. While you make it clear that you would like to take care of them, in the process you've also implied that they're not supposed to be fully-grown and able to take care of themselves. I'll be generous and assume that's not how you meant it, but the language you choose to describe them to us has its own context.

Perhaps you should choose your words just as carefully in English as you say you have to in Spanish.

-- A Woman
Thanks! I never thought of that. I will spend some time in self reflection on that, and see if there is something to that! Really appreciate you noticing that.

My thoughts right now on that are that I just mean I would find "girls" who are more into not working, enjoying life, having fun, and seeking out each day as a new adventure. And so, I would support them so they could enjoy that. It's more of a gift than me being a rescuer.

But I will think about that... deeply.
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