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As we've traveled this path of poly, I've become more and more conscious of the depths of honesty.
Most people THINK they are honest.
But, my experience has shown me that this isn't true.

Much of my life, what I thought was "honest" was really a million lies (mostly lies of omission) strung together! The largest quantity being lies to the self.

I've found in the last few years, as we've worked our asses off to re-train ourselves to be truly and thoroughly honest with ourselves, with each other and with the world-that my tolerance for deceit has eroded.
To the point where now I find myself sick to my stomach every time (and its really too frequent to count) people outside of our relationship dynamic either point out their own dishonesty or ask me to keep their 'secrets'.

Tonight was no exception.
I took SourPea to the park. She needed some outside time and even though it was only 54 F outside, wind howling-I felt sympathy for her-so I we went to the park.
I got a text explaining the details of a friend's suicide attempt (from his stepparent). This in and of itself wasn't news to me. The details yes, that he tried, no. Anyway, what bothered me was the comment that the stepparent wasn't telling the parent... because "he'd flip"... well, YEAH, no shit. But... still, its dishonest and who gave you that right?
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