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November, yes, she was dishonest in this case, but I'm with her 22 years and I really do think she's a more honest person than most people, including me. And yes, while you were too kind to point it out, if I hadn't read her private messages, I may never have known she had unprotected sex. We've already agreed that she'll be tested after their encounter. I'm going to trust her. I'm chalking it up to a massively poor judgment by a person who's normally pretty astute. We all make mistakes. As for this circle... sigh. I don't quite know what to make. Actually, it may just be this guy, or mostly him.

Snowmelt, I don't feel like I'm being stonewalled for information. Anything I've asked, she's answered, and wasn't grumpy about it. I have questions and eventually I will ask them.

Thank you both for replying!
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