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Originally Posted by evanevans View Post
Love it. Absolutely how I feel too. It helps that I was raised by a hippie mom I think. But freedom is the way to treat yourself. And I think it's ok if you are good at sharing. That makes it balanced.
Mind you, I'm also firmly in the "if monogamy actually works for you, great" camp. Poly wasn't any sort of evolution for me; that would imply I had something from which to evolve, when really I was poly all along. Life would have been infinitely easier had I just been wired mono. This sort of thing comes with many risks and few rewards for a young woman in a small-town environment. A man has forty girlfriends, he's a stud; a woman has a cuddle with another man, nothing behind it but a desire to be held by a friend, she's a slut.
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