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You might benefit from figuring out just how large you want this compound to be and how it would need to be set up, living arrangements and whatnot. Keep
in mind that it won't just be your place if you are to be sincere about it. It will belong to all involved and need room to grow for the other partners these women might bring in and the children that can and likely will add to the population. Will it matter to you if not all the kids are your genetic material? What happens if one of your female partners has other partners and ends up pregnant by one of them and not you? Do they have to move out at that point?

There is much here that could be beautiful but a good bit of it probably hasn't even occurred to you yet. You speak only of you and her and her and her and her and her and kids and - well buddy it sounds like you're running on OOP standards and at that point it stops being about family and love and just ends up all about your wang. What's in it for the others at that point?
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