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Fluid bonded with both my wife and my girlfriend. When we first started as a quad, wife was on the pill, girlfriend had an IUD, but both men used condoms for a couple months. After that "probationary" period, the gloves came off, so to speak.

About two years ago my girlfriend had the IUD removed, my wife came off the pill. Girlfriend's husband got snipped. I went back to using condoms, because I wasn't sure I wanted the procedure myself and we all agreed the men should play a role in birth control. After some back and forth, I got a vasectomy last March.

Best thing I could have done, for myself and for the women. None of us realized how much we missed the freedom of condom free sex, and yes, the intimacy we felt with fluid bonding. I read here that it is not to everyone's taste, but it definitely is for us. I only regret not getting the procedure sooner.

All that being said, should another lover get introduced into the mix, then condoms will definitely make a reappearance. Seems like a no-brainer until there is sufficient STI screenings and trust among the partners to allow barebacking.
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