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I have the same problem. I am female. I grew up with three big brothers. All of my closest friends have been male. Well, up until recently. Now I am in a new country, a newly wed, no job, and just lonely.

I crave freindships with men. It is how I've always been. I stopped trying to figure it out when I met a long time bestie of mine. He only got along well with women. He wasn't girly or into chick things. He liked metal, trucks, animals, and growing his beard out. Nothing fancy. We had the best friendship.

Now, that we are days apart I find myself longing for the closeness I felt with him. Not sexual. we just "got" each other.

I have a really good female friend here, as some of you may know. I was talking to my husband the other day and told him that as much as I love me female friend, I honestly feel closer to her husband.

It isn't some crazy super big deal. I just like men. I can be myself and relax around them. This of course has been a problem with all the SO's of my male friends over the years. I have broken up couples and made women hate me. All because I'd rather watch Predator 2 with a man than The Notebook.

I haven't figured out what to do about my new friends yet. I just take it as it comes.

I also have to deal with my mostly mono (monoflexual) husband. I don't think he would understand how I can be friends with another man without anything sexual happening.

I hope you find some friends soon. I love all sorts of sports and would go crazy if I had a friend like you. Just give it time. I know going online sucks but try finding a group in your area for martial arts. Also go to as many conventions as you can. Computer guys get all the cool girls.

Do you play any games online/Xbox/PS3? I have met some cool people just by killing for fun. COD, Wow, and other games are good for friend making. You can talk and kill together while you get to know someone.
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