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Originally Posted by evanevans View Post
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
But you disagree and want to argue your view.
Uh no, I don't disagree. I have an open mind to it being a discussion.
Let me correct my wording: what I meant to say was that it seems as if you disagree and want to argue your point. If I read your previous responses to what people wrote in the thread, that is the vibe I got, so I asked what was your point in starting this thread if when someone would say, "poly and mono aren't so different and mono people can eventually understand poly" it appeared that you were responding with, effectively, "No, you're wrong. Mono people have a block and cannot understand poly." That rather cuts off possibility for discussion if the response is always "no."

What I would also like to know is what you mean by the terms "poly ways" and "mono ways."

And no, poly people are definitely not more evolved than monos simply by virtue of the fact that they are poly. There are plenty of narrow-minded assholes who live poly and plenty of wonderfully open-minded people who are monogamous. These are choices for relationship structures that are available and people choose what works for them. Being so-called "more evolved" is not automatically inherent in choosing to live polyamorously.
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