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Originally Posted by monopoly4376 View Post
As for both of us being poly, he'd be fine with it if I either dated another girl or fell in love with the girl that he dates, but he's sensitive about me dating another guy. Mostly ... I'm just really hopeful. I've heard a lot of good things about monopoly relationships working out. I just wish I had more resources, more ways of learning, you know?
You can tell him it's problematic if you find it problematic, you know. I would. Loudly. That's known as a one-penis policy (you might find other topics on this as you look around the site).

The problem, to me as a poly person who is also queer, is this: treating sex with a woman like it's less of a big deal than sex with a man devalues sex with a woman. It's still sex. It's still love. What makes it less threatening to him? The idea that you could never find the same fulfillment with a woman? But if you're bisexual, you still could.

So why isn't he afraid of a woman coming in? Because he can have some of that? But what if she doesn't want any of what he's offering? Must she be bisexual, or can you meet a lesbian and be with her?
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