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I'm at my parents house on the island this weekend spending some last moments of summer with Mono. He says hi to anyone who cares to hear hi by the way. He's making coffee downstairs below the loft bedroom we gravitate to when we are here.

PN is home and having a good time with his friends. Two female friends. He's light hearted and happily texting us and putting pictures on fb joking around. He loves his alone time with us away.

LB is still in Toronto, having been to the CN tower, Niagara falls, the zoo and today they go to the science center. He's been having a great time. Its hotter there than he is used to though and he calls every night exhausted.

Derby is on the last day of her epic camping trip as she calls it. I haven't heard tons from her, but did here that her husband is away for work again and that she has her parents coming the moment she gets back. She will be sad her trip is over and life comes flooding back I think.

Brad is camping with his family. The jokes between him, his wife, Mono, and I went on all last night via text. Mono likes to tease him. Its nice to see him unthreatened and proud of his position in my life. Unwavering and sure of himself. That is how I like to see him. A break from his struggles with retiring is welcome this weekend.

I decided to leave to issue of Mono's female friend alone. I don't talk about her and he doesn't either. He has realised how one can love another while loving their partner and that seems to be enough for him. He has told me there is nothing to pursue there and I decided to trust that.

I texted both Leo and Ken this week to tell them I miss them. Fuck it, why hold on to my envy of them spending time with others when really I just miss them. I was inspired first by telling Ken that. I felt good releasing that feeling and sharing it. It was out there. I admitted it and felt better.

I texted Leo next hoping for the same result and got it. He didn't respond but I don't need a response to feel better. I don't need there to be some kind of huge movement of change from them. Its enough that they know. The movement of change has come from within some how. I'm not sure how yet, other than I feel like I have kept myself from feeling badly.

Ken wrote back right away and said he hopes we can spend time together as he misses me to. He and his gf are off for the weekend too. My relationship with my co-worker, his gf has changed somehow. We seem to have some kind of understanding of one another that wasn't there before. I'm not sure what that is, but its not a negative thing. We don't speak much more than we used to, but when we do its with a closeness that we haven't had before.

Mono and I are off to enjoy the island today. Fall is here it seems. The sun is low, the grass and forests are dry, eager for a winter of rain, the locals are buzzing with the last of the tourists on the island. Tonight we are going to a local party at a pub restaurant that closes for the season tonight. Should be fun.
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