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Love is love.

I identify as UU-pagan-catholic. So know I'm going to view things through that filter. There are many ways to look at this. Me?

Yes, poly should be talked about openly. UU Poly is field testing new curriculum for churches called "Love Makes a Family."

Community worship? That's just ONE practice to help nourish spiritual health. There are many other practices. Of the body (sex, yoga, etc), of the mind (meditation, journaling, etc), justice practices, and more. There is no one way to commune and nourish your soul bucket to maintain good spiritual health. If that kind of learning turns you on -- there's the curriculum "Spirit in Practice."
Why is it so difficult to have a similar relationship on earth with another human?
Because while grown ups might look all the same on the outside (ie: adult) -- some people grow UP and some people merely grow OLD. They have not tended to their personal growth and development all the same. Or gotten all their buckets of mind, body, heart, and soul topped up and developed well.

I'm certainly not perfect -- I love to live in the Mind bucket, and I do poorly in the Body bucket!

Is it not logical that poly exist, and can exist lovingly & well, for all parties? Should it not be openly discussed, happily, lovingly.... without shame, scorn or judgement
Sure. But again -- not all partners have tended their buckets of mind, heart, body, and soul healths the same. We help each other to become our best selves if it is a close match up of wants, needs, and limits. We push/pull each other to grow (in a good way) in the Human Simmer.

However it comes with the territory that there are others who are not comfortable with all expressions of loving relationship, and they are not up for owning their own uncomfortable and figuring out why this is being felt. Rather than deal with it inside, they rather YOU (the collective universal you) cut it out (whatever IT is) so they don't have to deal with it at all. Out of sight, out of mind.
Should we not worship love in all it's forms?
Well, I'm pretty accepting. But I only will want to worship/actively practice the forms that turn ME on that I can do. I don't mind other people doing whatever turns THEM on, and I can feel happy for them. There are some forms I'll never have -- I'm a woman. I'm not going to be having gay man lovin' any time soon myself, but I'm happy to wish my gay man pals well in their relationships.

Love is universal -- it really doesn't matter what the "container" is.

Try not to overthink it too much, but it is good you ask yourself those kinds of questions. I don't know what kind of religious identity you have, or how old you are -- but faith development IS development. It's not a toggle switch of on/off where you have faith/don't have faith. It is the tending of the soul bucket. I do subscribe to James Fowler's idea that there are distinct points in that tending. Scotty McClennan also describes faith development quite well.

You can google both to learn more of their work.

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