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Originally Posted by BloodGamers View Post
Well I've been see a lot of similarties between the US and Candian military [aka not so much bullshit (just saying)] so I don't think it will be a problem being a soild servicemember cause I am red white blue and green to the core, but my luck would be getting a higher up that is the super religious guy....he he a Super-Jesus lol j/k/.
The Canadian military was dragged kicking and screaming down the road of universal acceptance and non-discrimination some time ago, as the laws affecting the military were finally updated to reflect our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I don't think it qualifies for early adoption, but the Canadian Forces is ahead of some other countries in terms of integrating women into all roles (including Combat roles and Submarines) as well as removing barriers for Homosexuals, etc. As Mono said, it is currently quite progressive ... in military terms.

From what I've gathered of the US services, they still have pretty heavy handed policies still written into the regulations when it comes to relationships, fraternization, and homosexuality. I don't know what the latest is on integration of females into front line Combat units (I think yes?) and Submarines (Not sure)...but I do suspect it's coming. It won't be quick though. Military organizations are generally the slowest institution to change their form in response to changes in the society they represent.

(Hell, the differences are still entrenched in the Boy Scout organizations between to the countries...what hope would the militaries have of being the same?!)

Regardless of who your boss ends up being, as long as the organization keeps it a matter of policy and regulation, you'll probably want to tread very very carefully. Research the hell out of the regulations and policies for your own protection and edification.

The funniest part about the whole that military types on long deployments are known to get up to 'no good'....and their spouses left at home are known to do the same. So...if they want to kick you out for being Poly...they might have a regulation for that. If however you were just cheating on your wife...there's probably no regulation against that...nor a form to fill out, and it'd be largely ignored, or simply accepted as the normal way things happen.
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