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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
hi KyleKat, what I meant was not that he is only supposed to look at me that way... what I meant was that at that moment, that look was meant only for her, and that it was difficult for me to be a witness to that intimate moment.

I guess it was all just too much, the fact that we were together at this event without being together, was just so weird.. for the whole evening, she was his date, his priority, and I'm not saying that I should have been the priority instead, just that it was hard and emotional for me to experience.
Ah, then I did misunderstand. Sorry about that. Tonight is my first night on 3rd shift, and I've been at work for 10 hours. It's been pretty rough.

Back on track, I could see how an intimate moment with someone else like that would be hard to see. I also know that alcohol does not help situations. It will make your mind race and send you to the worst of possibilities. Don't ever give in to the thoughts you feel while intoxicated. They're the worst.

Going to an event like that when you know you're not going to be the "date" is something I would personally be hesitant to do, for exactly the reason you stated. I've been on "double dates" where the four of us (my wife and I plus the other couple we're seeing) are together, and even that is hard.

I remember now reading about how you wanted to go because you had a friend there as a host. Be that as it may, without having a date of your own, why was it necessary to make an appearance? Would your friend not have understood the difficulty you faced?
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