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soo...... that could have gone better...

the evening started off ok, I went to the event with my friend, said hi to husband and the GF, wandered around a bit, met up with other friends. Should have gone home after that. But, by that time I'd had a few drinks and thought well fuck it, I want to stay here with my friends and have fun and dance!
so I did, and I did have fun, but there were moments of weirdness and sadness and awkwardness when I would see my husband and his GF on the other side of the room (or sometimes I did not see them at all, which was possibly even more upsetting).
I stayed too late, was a little drunk, and when I left I wanted to say goodbye to husband and GF. I could not find them so I texted my husband that I was leaving and that I would see him at home.
As I walked to the door I saw them standing outside, not exactly kissing but kind of leaning into each other, embracing, she was smiling and he was giving her a look that I can only describe as very intimate, the kind of look that is really only meant for 1 person.

I know he loves her.. but seeing that moment, was, at that point, just too much. I quickly left without saying anything and cried all the way home, just feeling so utterly alone.
Husband came home shortly after that and held me and comforted me, but there really wasn't much he could do to erase the moment that I had witnessed from my mind, or to make me feel better about the fact that we had been apart from each other all night (at an event where we always went together, and have been going to together for years).

It was just really upsetting and emotionally draining. Besides leaving earlier, or not going at all, I really don't know what I could have done differently. Next time a situation like this comes up I'm going to think really hard if I want to put myself in this position again.
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