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Originally Posted by evanevans View Post
Outside for sure. But of course I'm sure even Mono's inside still struggle with grasping Poly. I think they see it as a different belief set, but really it's much stronger than that IMpvO (In my poly virgin opinion). It's easy to accept or tolerate another belief set, like for instance Jews don't believe Jesus is the son of God, but Christians do. Pretty simple. They can get that. A Christian can understand that, and a Jew can understand the contrary. But it's deeper than a different belief. It's a totally different understanding.
But it really isn't. It's a different way of relating to other humans. We all relate to each other and the fact that some of us want to relate to more than one person sexually or romantically really isn't all that different from mono people wanting to have friends at varying depths for different types of friendships. We all crave human contact and interaction and really we are much more the same than different. (But then again I tend to believe that like sexuality monogamy and non-monogamy exist on a spectrum with very few people being at either extreme and most of us falling somewhere in the middle. The challenge is to find that middle ground where you understand each other and move from there).
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