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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I was babysitting Redpepper's son tonight when her dad came by to drop something off for her. It was nice in that he saw his grandson happily distracted with his computer game as I washed up the dishes from supper. It's a good thing to have him see me doing the normal day to day stuff. I think these types of things will cause him to question his own possible disapproval and will get passed to Redpepper's other family.
Regardless, they are my family no matter what happens to us or those around us. We'll be connected forever

Peace and love....and even a little normalcy
We've had so many of those "odd" but not bad moments over the years. So often people are only "upset" by their lack of comprehension. Sadly they back away because of it-when in truth the key to healing their upset, is to step forward and get involved.
My family never cared one whit about the family "design" in our home. They have a "well that's just what it is" attitude. Maca's family just needed to know HE was happy-and they're fine too. But GG's family is unlikely to ever be involved. They have no contact with him now. Fortunately his other best friend was more mature and able to look past his fears and concerns, speak them respectfully and then face the answers and realities and end up on the note of "well! Thats really interesting!" and he pops in and out periodically with no sense of major discomfort.

I'm glad things are going a bit smoother for you guys Mono!! They are for us as well.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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