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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
The direct approach is often the one that gets you an answer quickest.

If that doesn't feel comfortable to you, then you can talk around it. A lot depends on the nature of your friendship with the person. If you tend to chat about everything and the world in general, find some way of bringing up in conversation celebrities that have open relationships, and try to read what sort of reaction you get from him.

If he says "yeah, it's alright for them, but I could never ever do something like that" then you have an answer, and haven't exposed yourself to him any more than you needed to.
Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely dealing with how to make things happen without it being super-awkward after the "conversation."

Of course, friends and others say, "Oh, just make a move on him, and if he's into you, then you'll know." But that just seems kind of shady without explaining the situation first, ya know?
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