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Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
I said I would review what she wants for the relationship agreement tomorrow when we meet, but that was all I would commit to at this moment. In the meantime, their stuff is still packed.
You do know what comes after the bags being packed, right? They go out the door.

Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
We all committed to stabilizing our relationship before putting anyone else in the mix. And what she did goes way above and beyond that.

I think most people who saw this right now, would run to the hills. I know my head and heart are certainly there.
Well, if you're not heading for the hills, ask yourself why you would rather align yourself with people who disrespect you instead of respecting yourself and walking away with head held high. What's that about?

Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
She wants the relationship agreement written now, because she strayed, because she said her desires have not been met.
Yeah, so what? Too little too late.

Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
We had plans to review the relationship agreement tomorrow...
Um, why, exactly? Sounds like you caved and said, "Alrighty, I will consider you abusing me and taking advantage of my good nature some more."

Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
.now it's being said that they aren't sure when they have time free now.....
Those bags... still packed? Out the door yet? If it were me, the bags and their owners would be on the curb. If they're not, I'd say that you clearly don't want to take a stance or act in your own best interest. And that is sad. Don't you deserve better treatment from others AND yourself? No one can advocate for you if you won't do it for yourself.
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