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I don't think there is that much difference actually. I use the analogy of religions. Religions are different. All claim to be a spiritual practice. All come at spirituality from a different angle. The result being the same, spiritual satisfaction for the individual involved.

Really, the only difference is desire between poly and mono I think. Poly people desire a specific love style that fulfills a need for more expansive love with many. Monos desire love just the same but their need for expansion with many doesn't include calling them partners or lovers and having sex and close intimate time with them. They are happy to expand into the amount of love they want and need in a smaller container and a different level of intimacy as far as I can see. Its all love, all valid, all changable and all workable.

Having studied mono/poly relationships for many years here on the forum, in my personal relationship with MonoVCPG, conducting workshops and just living in the dynamic I have, I really think it comes down to personality types and how love is played out within them. That and an interest in relationship dynamics and communication or not. Some people like to fix up old cars, some like to have many boyfriends... At the end of the day there really isn't that much difference as fas as I have noticed.
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