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I'm a fan of KISS -- keep it simple, silly. Tell it straight up.
"Look, friend. So I want to tell you something and don't get all crazy, ok? Don't even answer me. Just digest this for a moment and hear me.

DH and I have Opened. I'm seeking an intimate friend. To me that means someone to share (list things here) with. I really like you. A LOT.

Now if this I seek is not your scene at all, I apologize for any discomfort the new knowledge brings you. Know that I hold you in high esteem and wouldn't just fling about willy nilly.

If this might be your scene, let me know later if you want to explore that conversation more.

I'm cool either way, and I value your friendship as it stands either way. Thank you for letting me say this to you honestly and openly. Thank you for being my friend."

Then see what happens next.

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