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I wish that the complications that arose from teh differences between people could be as simple as "I wish I could get her/him/them to think the way I think." But I think what I really was hoping people to help out with here, is ideas for compromise. That is what we're hoping to hear. Other living situations between mono/poly hetero relationships (I say "hetero" because it's the conservative living with the open minded that I am interested in hearing about how they get along, but if there are conservative gay, lesbian, or bi's, that is just as applicable and we'd like to hear about it).

I have shown my fiancee all these responses and my posting, and it's been very very helpful for her to know that there is a community out there of people who are trying to get along in similar situations.

She and I are now simply under the rainy cloud of "is this going to work out?". It's sad for both of us, and we just want to hear some solutions to try out or consider so that we have the tools to see if we can be happy together. Is poly that evolved yet? Is there guides on different lifestyle approaches and how to make them work? Like when you rent a U-Haul and they give you the pamphlet about "Moving"
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