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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
If you have come across to your fiance the same way you have here I can see why she would feel threatened. When I was reading your original post it was sounding very much as though you view women as playthings. I imagine in her mind she's wondering if she is one of those playthings.
No, I don't come across that way with her. I can't. She is mostly spanish speaking. Every word is carefully chosen and if needed translated or said in different ways.

I was just connecting the dots for you guys. As long winded as the original post was, it's definitely abbreviated. I was just giving everyone the full range of what's being discussed, it doesn't mean any of it was not approached with sensitivity or better minced words.
Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I would suggest for a while backing off from the whole idea of poly and focus on your fiance and tell her what's special about her, outside of the way she looks or how fabulous she is in bed. Then as you begin to reintroduce the idea of poly explain to her what you see in the other women that doesn't have anything to do with the way they look or how they might be able to satisfy you in bed. At this point it's probably going to take a long time to rebuild that trust with your fiancee. Set a time with her, maybe around the time of your child's first birthday, to reopen the poly discussion.
Well it's a looming topic for her causing insecurity. So we have to talk about it now. I tried to put it on hold as the other poster recommended, but she brought it up on her own. I told her I didn't want or need to talk about it, but she just keeps talking about it.

But the good news is we've had a very nice discussion and we've reached a temporary compromise which in my mind is similar to putting the whole discussion on hold.
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